J&G Group started from a signboard “J&G Fried Chicken”.

This signboard reflects the local culture and hospitality of Taiwanese people. With the commitment to quality assurance and original intention to share the delicacies, J&G Fried Chicken became a well-known snack brand both nationwide and worldwide.
Since 1973, J&G Fried Chicken has transformed itself from a snack bar into a business group through four stages: standardization, chain, corporate management, and globalization. At each stage, J&G Fried Chicken faced different challenges, among which standardization at the first stage is of the most importance. J&G Fried Chicken has strict requirements for quality of oil, temperature, fryers and the chicken used and carries out repeated tests and studies to ensure the production of quality products.

After the standardization was established, we continued to take challenges by running 40 stores nationwide and hundreds of stores worldwide and acting as agent for Kaneko Hannosuke, a Japanese well-known catering brand. Consistent quality reflects our constant commitment over the decades. In order to achieve a more systematic planning and management, we reorganized the logistics department, established the headquarters, and set up the Food Factory, Brand Center, and Training Department under the human resources department. With the support from each respective department, J&G Group set up the headquarters in Shanghai, China in 2010 and continued to expand its presence worldwide. Currently, agents have been authorized to set up stores in.
Introduce Global
Quality Brand under Corporate Management
J&G Group has always taken to new challenges and pursued breakthroughs. Since 2010, J&G Group started to expand its presence worldwide. In 2015, we acted as agent for Kaneko Hannosuke, a Japanese well-known catering brand. To present the authentic flavor to Taiwanese consumers, we selected outstanding seeds to be trained at the headquarters in Japan and compiled 8 SOPs covering all procedures and details.

With years of sound and solid operation, J&G Fried Chicken has transformed itself into J&G Group. We commit ourselves to quality and aim to become the model in the fried chicken market by creating a modern, popular, and delicious fried chicken brand, expanding the global presence, and upgrading the consumer experience to another level.