Mr. Kaneko Shinya, the founder of Kaneko Hannosuke, comes from a family which places a lot of emphasis in cuisine. In efforts of promoting savory and passionate Edo cuisine to consumers, Mr. Kaneko Shinya inherited the secret recipe from his grandfather at an early age and resurrected cookery of his grandfather(Kaneko Hannosuke) in the form of Tendon rice bowls dishes. His grandfather’s secret recipe includes instructions on making their secret sauce that is only passed down within the family. After over a hundred of different sauce and ingredients combinations, the mouth-watering “Edomae Tendon” was perfectly launched in 2010. In order to find the ingredients that can be perfectly matched with this secret sauce, after countless tests, adopt sumptuous seafood ingredients as conger eel, shrimp, scallops, and cuttlefish…so on, undergo exclusive cooking techniques, and then being perfectly presented as delicacy cuisine of the Edo era.  In memory of his grandfather’s legacy and the value of “purity” - “Dedication in providing customers with premium ingredients and offering,” his grandfather’s name: Kaneko Hannosuke was been as the brand name.