J & G Taste, Family Taste Inherited

What is inherited is not only the delicious fried chicken,
but also heartful service and commitment of warmth.

Legendary Flavor

The Jiguang Business District in Taichung has always been a bustling transit point for businessmen and students, and that is where company founder Huang Chin-chang served his fried chicken with a sincere smile on his face. Watching the travelers coming and going, Huang was always eager to share his savory fried chicken. Countless students bought fried chicken before heading off to spend the evening studying. Huang watched the students grow up and head off to college or work. But when they returned, even after marrying and starting families, everyone remembered the fried chicken they once bought here. Throughout his time in business, Huang Chin-chang always found his attitude of sharing and happiness to be parallel to the spirit of J & G Fried Chicken,which is "Treat each customer like a family member, and always emphasize fresh, safe food." Everyone at J & G Fried Chicken has an attention of dedication and gratitude. In the words of one senior employee: "Each savory piece of J & G fried chicken contains our enthusiasm and joy. This is why our food is appealing." To see your happy smile is why we are always working so hard. J & G Fried Chicken maintains its principles of "insistence on freshness, love of sharing" for each and every customer. We will never forget the story of J & G Fried Chicken and the meaning behind it. This meaning has shaped our culture and motivated us at J & G Fried Chicken to do even better. Today, we are striving to pass on the culture of J & G Fried Chicken.

Taking care of every detail from material origin to the table.

We select quality suppliers meeting requirements for food safety and health, set up food traceability and the central factory, and establish the high-standard HACCP system. With the focus on the two-way audit, every raw material supplier is required to provide safety inspection report and carry out a sampling test on a regular basis. From receipt, cleaning, handling, pickling, cutting to processing, quality assurance and production personnel are arranged to control the process, temperature, and health safety; products are delivered by our logistics team at a low temperature. With a one-stop quality control system, J&G Group takes care of health safety and quality of products in detail.

Brand Strengths

◆Dedication and Persistence
◆Innovative Research and Development
◆Central Kitchen Ensures Quality
◆Complete Education and Training System
◆Passion for service,infectious happiness
◆Being stationed at top department stores

Based in Asia and Expand Global Presence
J&G Group has continuously expanded its stores worldwide. In 2011, a brand office was established in Shanghai. Upholding the consistent requirement for quality, Shanghai Branch has passed the ertification of HACCP and has adopted fresh chicken produced by China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation and established the central kitchen in compliance with health standards. By the end of 2016, 160 stores were established in China.