Brand Story

The origin of TSUJIHAN goes back to over 20 years go. The current director of renowned Japanese dipping noodle restaurant – Mr. Takehiro Tsujita has long been a good friend of the founder of Kaneko Hannosuke – Mr. Kaneko Shinya. It was by pure chance that Mr. Takehiro Tsujita tasted a ravishing seafood donburi in Mr. Kaneko Shinya’s father’s restaurant. The joy and happiness he felt at that time left a long-lasting mark within his heart. As time passes by, Mr. Takehiro Tsujita, having made significant progress in the food industry, still cannot forget the sense of joy he felt in that bowl of seafood donburi. Thus, he utilized his resources and networking, and reached out to his old pal Mr.Kaneko Shinya, as well as invited aquatic community expert Mr. Tatsuo Tsunemasa from Kyokuichi Co., Ltd. and the architect Saburo Yasuhara.

To combine the expertise and strength of the crowd, reproduce the happiness seafood donburi that has touched him and even inspired him to take the road of catering. 


つじ半(TSUJIHAN) Taiwan Breeze Xinyi Store

Calm & Elegant Indoor Space

Aside from innovative cuisine, TSUJIHAN offers a dining space that delivers the elegance of Kyoto dining in providing consumers with a top-tier dining experience. The restaurant’s dining space is the outcome of the first cross-nation cooperation by Kyoto’s renowned architecture aesthetics designer Saburo Yasuhara. In terms of construction materials, natural elements are implemented such as unsawn timber and basalt. As for the layout, emperor grade high-spec design is displayed through fine craftsmanship. Present the low profile brilliant concept of the Japanese calligraphy “Shin-Gyou-Sou” extent, customers are bestowed a higher level of refined enjoyment when tasting TSUJIHAN seafood donburi.

Seafood Feast Innovative Enjoyment

TSUJIHAN is the origination to provide multiple layers of seafood enjoyment, offering sushi as appetizers and presenting eight to ten different seafood in a golden ratio seafood treasure box. Introduce Kyoto Sea Bream Chazuke (sea bream rice with green tea)” the specific eating manner to present the unique tasty. And then end up a magnificent feast experience by the a Taiwan market special customized dessert "Uji matcha pudding with red beans”.  


An enjoyment for the taste buds the luxurious seafood treasure box

Innovative enjoyment pouring of Japanese sparidae stock a second delicacy